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Rooftop Waterproofing 

Rooftop waterproofing is mostly utilised on flat concrete roofs of large commercial buildings to protect dwellings, services and assets - It is one of the most fundamental parts of any commercial or residential building. Water can penetrate though cracks in aged coatings, causing damage to the structure and potentially leading to leaks and concrete cancer. Many important factors are to be considered when re-waterproofing your rooftop and we can provide a specification and scope to tackle this - we are widely experienced in this area and utilise a range of high performance membranes and products to achieve a waterproof seal which is backed by guarantees. 

Rope Access

Concrete Repair 

Plinth Repair 

Epoxy Coatings 

Polyurethane coatings


Brisbane City - Commercial Tower 1000+m2

Carbon Waterproofing was engaged to completely re-waterproof this large rooftop. The team carried out several repairs, including self-levelling, epoxy repairs, spalling concrete repairs, and over 80 plinth resurfacing repairs to achieve this incredible final result.  

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