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Carbon Waterproofing is a locally owned and operated business established to service Gold Coast, Northern NSW & Brisbane. Specialising in a range of waterproofing solutions - we partner with Body Corporates, Managers, and Engineers to ensure that all specifications and expectations are met or exceeded. 
We are dedicated to providing a professional and thorough waterproofing service to all our clients, with quality being the heart of our operation. Licenced and insured with years of experience, we offer a range of waterproofing services including specialist polyurethane injection, negative and positive side solutions, wet areas and remedial solutions.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you on your next project or how we can mitigate your water ingress issues.


About Carbon Waterproofing

Carbon Waterproofing was established to perform high quality workmanship, provide technical advice, hold the highest level of professionalism while excelling with our customer service creating a strong foundation for our business and customers. It's these principles that we deem set us apart from the competition - We have observed a lack in quality throughout the waterproofing industry and find that incorrectly trained, poor management and project deadlines result in a lot of waterproofing failures.

The longevity of a waterproofing membrane is a fundamental part of any building and is why we do not settle for less than exemplary in every project we complete. 


What we do



Did you know that over 70% of building defects relate to water ingress? Poor workmanship and incorrectly installed Waterproofing membranes can leave you with an expensive repair rectification bill - Carbon Waterproofing understands the importance of this and ensures quality remains the most critical component to us by adhering to Australian Standards and setting the bar high for workmanship and final products.


We use only top-grade commercial products to ensure longevity of a rooftop membrane. There are many options when it comes to rooftop Waterproofing and we will be happy to advise you accordingly for your next project.


Remedial and new balcony waterproofing. Considerations should be made in regard to substrate type, falls, drainage and finishes types for a successful waterproofing application.



Carbon Waterproofing provides a technical service using a range of high performing resins and repair materials to stop leaks though cracks and joints in concrete substrates. Every situation is different, and many contributing factors come into play - its best to contact us for an onsite inspection on how we can tackle the water ingress. We also provide services for minor spalling concrete repairs.


New and existing retaining walls - The Waterproofing membrane isn't the only aspect that should be taken into consideration for a retaining wall. Drainage, land fill grading and type of substrate all need to be evaluated by our team for the most suitable application.


New and existing retaining walls - The Waterproofing membrane isn't the only aspect that should be taken into consideration for a retaining wall. Drainage, land fill grading and type of substrate all need to be evaluated by our team for the most suitable application.

Fixing the Roof

Services Provided



We have solutions for indoor and outdoor Waterproofing, planter boxes, retaining walls, negative side, leaking basements, wet areas, balconies, rooftops and more. We will need to attend site to review and determine the best and most methodical solution to your water ingress problems.



Retaining wall leaking? Can't access the wall from the positive side? Negative side waterproofing may be the answer - using a combination of specialised hydrostatic pressure resistant membranes, grouts and resin we can mitigate water leaching through basement or below grade walls which are causing unsightly looks.



Leaking basements? water penetrating through cracks and joints? We have a solution! We use a combination of specialised Waterproofing resins and grouts to stop leaks - this is a cost effective way to stop leaks from below or in negative side situations without having to possibly remove tiles, topping slabs, pavers etc.


Waterproofing Failures 

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How can we prevent Waterproofing failures?

Correct and thorough assessment. Carbon Waterproofing can provide a scope to tackle many technical problems. Many factors will be accessed when determining the most forward approach to preventing water penetration such as;

> Terrain grade & soil type

> Aggressive root and plantation systems

> Chemical attack & ultraviolet 

> Foot & vehicle Traffic 

> Structural movement  

> Falls and water ponding 

> Drainage 

> Hydrostatic pressure 

> Moisture

> Wood rot 


Remember - Effective Waterproofing relies on builders and previous trades completing wet area preparation correctly in order to achieve a compliant install. 

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Australian Standards Compliance

Standards set the minimum standard that must be complied with in relation to waterproofing. Its important to engage licensed and qualified trades people. At Carbon Waterproofing we comply with AS:3740, NCC requirement's and use products compliant to AS:4858:2004. We also engage in quality control procedures to ensure each application meets these standards as well as your projects requirements and demands.

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Warning signs and visual elements 

Warning signs that would be cause for concern in relation to failed Waterproofing may include;

> Membrane delamination 

> Drummy tiles 

> Mould 

> Odour 

> Visual water penetration 

> Efflorescence (salts)

> Visual cracks 

> Peeling paint

Carbon Waterproofing can perform a pre-site analysis and create a recommended scope to mitigate these issues. 

Client Testimonials

Hear it from our clients

Luke went above and beyond when he visited today to complete the waterproofing job. He arrived at the time he said he would, was very thorough and left the site spotless afterwards. He is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He was able to find the source of the problem that many others were not able to. Very happy to recommend to everyone. Thanks so much again Luke!

Tania - Darra

With a tight schedule and turn around on the renovations. Luke dropped everything to work in with us. Punctual, prepared and professional and arrived smack bang on time. We will be using Luke in the future and recommending him 100% Happy customer.

Corey - Robina

Luke was professional, on time, communicated exactly what the process would entail and completed the job to a very high standard.

When these projects can become somewhat overwhelming. Luke took that stress out of it and did his job with confidence. Highly recommend.

Grace - Stafford

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